This one time...

Designed for startups who want to stress-test their brand, or simply discover the importance of having one and what you can do with it, Brand Camp is a one-day workshop where we put you and your brand through its paces.

Learn about brands.

Working with 10-15 other startup founders or representatives, the day starts with a deep-dive immersion into what brands are all about and how you can build a brand the same way global heavyweights do.

Start defining your own brand.

Nobody knows your business like you do, so you’re best qualified to take this next step and start defining your brand using the tools we provide.

Manage your brand with confidence?

You’ll leave the day with a comprehensive guide to how your brand should behave, how to use that understanding to direct the success of your business, how to write with your own unique tone of voice and more.

Brand Camp One-day workshop Fee: $1,500.

 When: A Saturday during the month of March 2019

 Time: 10am until 4:00pm

 How: Register your interest by filling out the contact form below.



“How your startup brand can start behaving like a global superbrand”

Stage One



Edison is the very first startup brand agency in Australia. What the…? I hear you say. Surely there are agencies for startups? The answer is yes, there are. But they don’t do brand. Many say they do, but what they really do is difference.

Edison was born from an understanding that the way advertising agencies have always successfully managed brands was completely missing from the startup sector, and digital agencies generally.

Our directors had all worked in major multinational ad agencies, where brand management was, and is, king — it’s no accident that startup successes like Airbnb, Uber and the like seek the help of those very agencies when they need to harness and build on the power of their brands. The same can be said of Apple, Google

Why is brand different from branding? Brand is fundamental to any organisation, from the way its people behave, to the way emails are written. Brand is a blueprint for behaviour and character — making it a precursor for branding, as well as all the marketing activity you would ever want to do.


How did we make it available for entrepreneurs for 8 Grand instead of 80? People. And process. We’ve compacted the very best and most powerful elements of creative brand strategy we’ve learned over the years. Plus, we’ve designed our advertising business with a flat, horizontal architecture, where everyone wears more than one hat. Fewer people working on your business equals lower fees. Simple. We also understand how startups work, and we’ve learned to work with them (check out a couple of testimonials here). Of course we can do more with bigger budgets, but the 8 Grand Brand is where we get started. And where you get started being more successful.

What's the offer?



A one-hour conversation about how to develop your brand. (You complete a brand questionnaire prior to the meeting to make it as productive as possible). Your MVP brand plan that governs positioning, brand purpose and positioning, brand story, brand character and tone, organising thought, tagline and more. This will provide a guide for your brand behaviour.


Bring your brand to life with your keystone branding element via a strategically focused logo design.


We can further develop your brand with the creation of a brand colour palette, fonts and mood board, collated in a two-page style guide to ensure your branding remains consistent now and in the future. We will then demonstrate use of the logo and brand identity to create business cards, digital favicon/profile icon and a social media header, and a communication concept in an A4 poster — giving you a direction you can take with your own promotion and advertising. Or, you can go straight from style guide to a simple landing page, with a value proposition, brand story, web form and contact details (hosting not included).

Stage two


What's this?

Once you’re happy with the way your brand has been defined, planned and made visible through design and visual identity, you will need to do some actual marketing in line with your brand strategy.

We can begin with a Go-to Market Roadmap: from $5,000 + GST.

A focused review of your: 


Business objectives and KPIs

Communication approach

Challenges and opportunities

Channel mix.

And we can deliver a budget-wise Creative Advertising Campaign: from $15,000 + GST.

Once you’re happy with the way your brand has been defined, planned and made visible through design and visual identity, you will need to do some actual marketing in line with your brand strategy.

Do you want a strategically sound website?

As the lynchpin of most modern marketing campaigns, your website needs to support your brand and all
of the activities that surround it. We can deliver a site that’s on-brand and consumer-relevant, based on a template or through a bespoke build.

We work with startups at pre-seed, and businesses in the big leagues.
We can develop a bespoke campaign strategy and executions in all media from digital display and web to
audio media (radio and podcasts), television, print, outdoor, ambient, activation and much more. The cost for a social media launch comes down to the cost of content creation plus an easily controlled and relatively cheap media spend, so we start at $15,000.

Here are indicative costs for a budget-wise multi-media launch
(eg. TV, digital display, social media, digital outdoor)

LOCAL incl. media spend, circa $50-100k

NATIONAL incl. media spend, circa $150-500k.

It’s always best to start with your budget and work out a plan, as there are many dependent variables in a campaign.


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(Business Director)
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